Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    prediction of the QCD models from 20 GeV to higher than 200 GeV.    M.Sc.    farooghi, zeinab    2010-12-28
2    investigation of quantum chaos iin Gaussian attarctive potentials    M.Sc.    raeisi, sedighe    2011-09-22
3    Electron-acoustic solitary waves in dense quantum electron-ion plasmas    M.Sc.    rahimdad, somayeh    2012-01-21
4    calculation of scaled QCD parameter using Monte-Carlo data    M.Sc.    gholami, zahra    2012-01-28
5    calculation of the coupling constant by using the Altaleri-parisi method    M.Sc.    hamedinasab, hasan    2012-01-28
6    Calculation of coupling constant by using NNLO QCD corrections on the moments of event shape    M.Sc.    Shoeibi Mohsen abadi, Samira    2012-01-28
7    Interaction of scalar field with a black hole    M.Sc.    tabrizi nezhad, seyed ali    2012-02-17
8    interactions of heavy fermions in a quantum plasma    Ph.D    noorian, zainab    2012-10-22
9    the effect of different quark flavors on fragmentatiion function in Monte_ carlo data    M.Sc.    nakhaei, rezvan    2013-12-17
10    Hydrosynamics and Field theory in Quantum plasmas    Ph.D    Ghaani, Azam    2013-12-23
11    Dynamics of collective behaviors in quantum plasmas    Ph.D    Rafiei, Azam    2014-01-05
12    Phenomenology of particle behaviours in quark-gluon plasmas    Ph.D    Mehrabi Pari, Sharareh    2014-01-05
13    Study of behavior of particle in dynamical billiard by varying features of particle and billiard system    Ph.D    raeisi, sedighe    2014-05-19
14    Study of Photon Structure Function Using the Coupled ‎QED⊗QCD‎ DGLAP Evolution Equations    Ph.D    Mottaghizadeh, Marzieh    2015-01-20
15    The cross section of resonance particles and comparison in different interactions    M.Sc.    ghadamgahi, elahe sadat    2016-02-15
16    Study the evolution of soliton solutions of nonlinear field models in the presence of external perturbation    Ph.D    Moradi Marjaneh, Aliakbar    2016-05-25
17    Topological and non-topological localized solutions of nonlinear fields    Ph.D    Askari, Alidad    2016-07-05
18    The Gravitational effects on the dynamics of Quark-Gluon Plasmas    Ph.D    Shenavar, Hossein    2016-09-04
19    Separation of multijet events by using the the QCD parameter up to 200 GeV centre of mass energy.    M.Sc.    ghorbani, tohid    2017-04-21
20    Study of the photon- photon interaction and hadron structure at high energy    M.Sc.    ASADI, MINA    2017-10-23
21    study of plasma signatures    M.Sc.    zavar, jalal    2018-02-20
22    Propagation of Nonlinear Waves in Non-equilibrium Plasmas    Ph.D    PAKZAD, HAMID REZA    2018-05-30